When you think of fall, the colors that first come to mind are orange, red, brown, and yellow! This color combination makes Reese’s Pieces experiments a perfect choice for a fall STEM experiment. Read along to learn how to create your pumpkin and other fall designs from Reese’s Pieces!   

You will need: 

  • Reese’s Pieces (or other colored candy-coated chocolate) 
  • A white plate 
  • Hot water  
  • A beaker or microwave-safe container to pour the water
  • Gloves (optional) 


  1. Create an outline of a pumpkin on your white plate using orange Reese’s Pieces for the pumpkin itself and brown Reese’s Pieces for the stem.
  2. Heat water in the microwave for at least two minutes.   
  3. Transfer the water to a beaker or measuring cup quickly, gently pouring it into the center of the plate until it reaches the candy.
  4. Watch as the dye expands to the center of the plate to create a beautiful pumpkin!


How does this experiment work? 

Water is a universal solvent. This means that it dilutes more chemicals than other liquids! Hot water spreads the dye to create a pumpkin because hot water molecules have a lot of energy. When water is heated up, its molecules move quickly, and as these molecules start to move, they pick up dye and sugar particles and push them forward. Have extra Reese’s Pieces? Try out these other cool designs:

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