Duo Scope


One Microscope, Endless Exploration

Jumpstart adventure with a portable microscope to inspire STEM exploration! This compound microscope is perfect for elementary and middle school students. They'll love looking at the microscopic world, and you’ll love how durable and long-lasting our microscopes are! The Duo Scope comes with 50 accessories to build a lab setup right out of the box! Enjoy endless science projects to engage kids for hours, a perfect gift for chemists, students, and educators!

    Designed to Engage and Inspire:

    • 4X, 10X, and 40X objectives
    • 40X, 100X, and 400X laboratory-grade glass lenses
    • 10X eyepiece
    • Real optical glass lenses
    • Dual focusing knobs
    • 2 Different light control settings
    • Battery-operated cordless model fits 3 AA batteries (not included)

    Microscope Features

    40X, 100X, and 400X laboratory-grade glass lenses.

    Battery operated for a portable, cordless model.

    10X eyepiece with real optical glass lenses.

    Easily adjust settings with dual focusing knobs.

    Accessories Kit:

    • 1. 2 Bottles of Stain
    • 2. Lens Paper
    • 3. Plastic Petri Dish with Slide Labels & Cover Glass
    • 4. 1 Concavity Slide
    • 5. 5 Blank Slides
    • 6. 4 Prepared Slides
    • 7. Forceps
    • 8. Plastic Test Tube
    • 9. 1 Plastic Transfer Pipette
    • 10. 1 Cotton Tipped Applicator
    • 11. 1 Plain Wooden Applicator
    • 12. Instruction Manual & Guide (not pictured)

    Easily Learn Science

    13-Piece Bundle

    The Duo Scope comes with 13 different accessories for hours of exploratory fun.


    Battery-operated to give you flexibility to take the microscope for on-the-go experiments.

    Two Scopes in One

    Two LED lights above and below illuminate specimens from both ends, allowing the user to observe a variety of objects.

    See the Smallest of Details

    High-quality glass objectives provide 40-400X magnification, giving users the ability to see fine detail.


    "So easy to use, compared to the microscopes we had as kids! It comes with a few prepared slides that are quite nice, but you will want more. We've gotten a lot of use out of it for looking at all kinds of things - bugs, dust, feathers, and lots of slides. One of the things I like best about it is that the light is battery powered, so it is very portable. You can set the focus, then hand it around to the kids, or take it outside, etc. Very nice feature, easy to use, and fun. I got this for my 9-year-old, and she does fine with it by herself, but my 6-year-old really likes to use it too, thought I generally focus it for her."

    Sarah Carpenter

    "Five stars, would buy it again. Have had this for about a yar. For the price and ease of use, it's been nice to have around the house. Solid enough to feel durable. While some "toys" sit on the shelf forever, at least this one gets pulled down now and then when we need to take a closer look at something. It's also VERY hand to be able to look top-down, and not just through a slide."

    Amazon Customer

    "Worked like a charm! I gave this to my 10 year old son as a gift. Wow!!! He used it for hours and hours and hours! Everyday after school! So did the rest of the family! It came with a lot of very good slides. I purchased extra slides and blank slides to go with it. So we all found cool stuff to make the new slides and had hours of fun looking at the awesome stuff under the microscope!"

    Amazon Customer

    "My daughter has had this for almost a year now. She is 11 yrs old. She is a very active and intelligent girl. She has used it hundreds of times and so has her two younger brothers. I bought some slides with it and those were good, but making our own slides is the best. We have done all kinds of things. It has opened her mind up to the world that is out there. She asks questions.

    The secret is to do it with her. Not all the time, but I found a spider nest with an egg cocoon. So we have been looking at that. We also looked at an ant and another spider from the same web. Very cool stuff. She and her friends have been looking at bits of nails, hair, spices, salts, makeup, and other things that they find.

    It is sturdy. Metal construction. Solid design. I had a microscope when I was 7 and had it for years. It was all plastic. But this one is solid.

    I will be buying more for my two boys."

    James C.

    "I’m really impressed with the optical quality of this scope. I found myself just as enthralled with the microscopic world as my 10-year-old. We’ve spent hours around the house and yard coming up with different things to look at under the scope. The upper and lower lights and the rest of the accessories make this a real keeper."

    Kathy Allen

    "We originally bought the “AmScope M30-ABS-KT51 51-piece 300x-600x-1200x Metal Frame Kids Student Beginner Compound Microscope Kit” and returned it immediately, and bought this microscope. What a difference! It is well made, not plastic, and you can actually see things under it, vs the other microscope. Definitely worth spending the extra 30$ to purchase this set. It still comes with a few tools, and extra clear and pre-made slides. This is a nice microscope for the money and will be around for a while. Also, I believe the lenses are glass, and the other microscope seemed like plastic."

    Amazon Customer

    "My 6yr old uses this microscope on a daily basis. It could be because her dad always finds something new for her to inspect, but she tries to find things to look at on her own as well. This microscope has been an incentive for my daughter to become more inquisitive of her surroundings. We couldn’t be more pleased. I was very happy about the fact that the microscope functions in duality by having both a stereo- and compound-setting light for which to observe one specimen in 2 different ways. For a microscope that isn’t very heavy or large, it does the job and we’re very happy that we made the purchase. Especially since my 6yr old has become increasingly curious about the 'structure of objects and things.

    Tamy Amuan

    "Pleasantly surprised at how well this scope works. We had tried the AmScope beginner scope/kit and was very disappointed and returned it. I remember having a simple but solid microscope when I was a kid and wanted my kids to share that experience. Christmas morning they opened the scope and I installed the batteries. We had also ordered a separate set of prepared slides to have some good examples to look at. The kids were able to operate the scope with a little help, and soon were finding random things to examine. For elementary school-age kids I think this is a good introductory microscope."