Why You Should Invest In A Microscope Back To School

Why You Should Invest In A Microscope Back To School

Why You Should Invest In A Microscope Back To School

It’s time to grab your backpack and number 2 pencils because school is back in session! It’s time to hit all the great sales with your list of supplies for school to make sure your student is prepared for the year and extracurricular activities 

New clothes, books, materials, study guides and lunch apparel; you’ve thought of everything! Or have you? We’re almost certain that you haven’t. There is one thing that your student needs that is not on your back-to-school list: a microscope.  

Why would you, or more importantly, your student, need a microscope?  

A lot of parents ask these questions with the fear that they will be spending money on a tool that they don’t know how to use, or that their kids will not use enough to justify the cost. Here are some reasons why we believe microscopes are worth every penny:  

  1. Hands-on experience is invaluable when it comes to learning new subjects. While many school systems provide microscopes for cellular studies, students are typically restricted to class time and curriculum restraints. Having a personal microscope lets students explore beyond the limits of a classroom setting.  
  1. Having a microscope encourages younger children to learn through exploration. According to Dr. Kenneth Wesson, in Educational Consultant: Neuroscience, 92% of boys and 97% of girls will lose interest in STEM if they are not engaged in it by the 5th grade. Exploration is a key component of maintaining engagement. Having kits and ready-to-use science supplies can be a quick way to get students interested in STEM at an early age. These products are perfect for kid science experiments.  
  1. Microscopes can last for a long time. Given the proper care and quality of the microscope, these instruments can be used for years of learning and exploration.  
  1. Microscopes aren’t just great for students. Microscopes can also make great gifts for hobbyists. Stereo microscopes are especially useful for electronics or minerals, as the larger stage is suitable for 3D samples. Scopes like the My First Lab Duo Scope incorporate the attributes of multiple microscope models. These gifts can be perfect for not only hobbyists but also researchers and junior investigators. These products allow kids to learn in an interactive way.  

Whether you’re looking into a microscope for a student, or as a gift, these instruments are incredibly valuable for kids in STEM. They provide a means for learning that is interactive and fun. They instill a sense of exploration that encourages lifelong learning with both young children and students. If you’re looking for a microscope for young students, we have some excellent recommendations for microscopes for kids 


Our plastic MFL-20 Scope is perfect for a beginning STEM learner. With a plastic base and dual-view illumination, it is perfect for outdoor endeavors and learners who may be too young to use glass optics.  



Our glass optic MFL-06 is perfect for elementary to high school-aged learners. This microscope model features two light sources and has the capabilities of a biological microscope and a stereo scope. It makes it possible for the viewer to observe a wide variety of specimens and microscopic slides.  


WhoDunnit Spy Scope 

Our WhoDunnit Spy Scope is perfect for potential forensic sleuths. It includes LED lighting and a black light to uncover potential hidden clues. Your learner can collect evidence to test samples and carefully piece together five separate mysteries.  

We also carry a Smartphone Inspector with a digital microscope attachment for STEM learners on the go.  

Want to learn more?  

My First Lab has been a leader in developing STEM equipment for the past 30 years. With products ranging from microscopes and bundles to prepared slides and accessories, we are sure to have any product that a junior investigator, hobbyist or educational leader could need. Learn how to create hands-on experiments by browsing our blog or checking out our award-winning products. 

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