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Top 5 Products For The Best At Home Learning Experience

Top 5 Products For The Best At Home Learning Experience

Top 5 Products For The Best At Home Learning Experience

2021 has seen a considerable uptick in homeschooling across the United States. In March 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 11% of households in the United States have started to homeschool. Before the pandemic, less than 5% of families chose to homeschool.  

Optimizing Home Learning 

Experts have various suggestions for how parents can optimize home learning, whether in a homeschooling or online capacity. A few of these recommendations include composing a dedicated learning space, filling this learning space with the correct tools, minimizing distractions in this space and providing a schedule with breaks.    

Downsides to Online Learning and Homeschooling  

While online learning has benefitted many students, it has also increased certain class inequalities.  Although technology is commonplace in most developed nations, it can still be difficult for lower-income students to access. For general student success in an at-home learning environment, students must be familiar with technology, have access to online resources and be able to get support from institutions. As of now, 41% of working-class families in the United States do not own a computer.  

Starting Homeschooling and Online Learning 

While access to technology is a crucial element of student success, it is also necessary that students access other tools to improve the at-home-learning experience. My First Lab has a set of excellent at-home learning tools to make the most of your online homeschooling experience. If you want to enhance your child’s at-home learning experience, we have exactly what you need. Check out our line of products at My First Lab. Here are some of our favorite tools to optimize at-home learning: 


Digital Microscope Eyepiece, 5.0mp

Our digital microscope eyepiece is excellent for displaying slides on a computer screen for closer investigation. It features a USB connection that works with most desktop and laptop computers. This eyepiece is perfect for homeschooling parents to display slides or for kids completing online learning to send images to their teachers. Users can easily share all captured images through email, and the included software is compatible with all computers. 


Duo Scope Starter Kit  

The Duo Scope Starter Kit is perfect for younger learners due to its safe plastic base. This kit has a variety of included specimens that kids can view with a dual-lighting system and is easily maneuverable for versatile at-home use. This kit is perfect for an introductory at-home science lesson for younger learners. 


Prepared slides kit (2 box set, plastic, 72 specimens on 24 slides)  

Our prepared slides kit is superb for at-home learning. It contains a wide variety of samples, including fibers, algae, hair, building materials and pollen. These slides are made of shatterproof plastic, making them an excellent choice for young learners. Compatible with My First Lab scopes, these slides can broaden the horizons of your at-home classroom.


I-Explore Scope  

The I-Explore Scope is perfect for students learning at home to venture outside of their regular lesson plan and learn about the microscopic features of real-life objects on their own. This scope can view 3-D objects and is portable. Your child or student can use this scope to explore the world around them and understand new and exciting concepts! 


Mega Duo Scope  

Our Mega Duo Scope is great for students and educators. This scope features dual light sources. It also has a metal base and comes complete with a Mini Inspector to see macro images on your smartphoneThis scope can observe both slides and solid objects.  

My First Lab has been a leader in developing STEM equipment for the past 30 years. With products ranging from microscopes and bundles to prepared slides and accessories, we are sure to have any product that a junior investigator, hobbyist or educational leader could need. Learn how to create hands-on experiments by browsing our blog or checking out our award-winning products.

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