Wicked Wings 5pc Slide Set


Insects were some of the first creatures to develop wings for flight. Whether on pests or honeybees, the careful evolution of a wingspan shows. In Wicked Wings, investigate the intricate details of a bee, butterfly, fruit fly, house fly, and mosquito. Compare and contrast their growth on a microscopic level and learn more about the study of entomology. Our prepared slide sets offer a glimpse into various scientific fields and pair nicely with any microscope kit.

  • 5 slides
  • Slide dimensions: 3 X 1 X 1 MM

Customer Reviews

A great little starter set for my classroom. My students loved them!

JC Marabe

The prepared slides are fantastic! My son for his 6th birthday declared that he was a scientist and needed to understand how EVERYTHING works. Along with the fabulous microscope that can see actual items from around the yard and world it also can do prepared slides. It has been 2 months and there has not been a day where we don’t do something involving the microscope, the slides or observations in nature and draw comparisons. I love how excited he gets when he figures out what is under the microscope and how it “works”


My granddaughter loves them.

Ms S

Well made. Interesting for my son (9 years old.) He used them right away. Good value and variety for the price.

Judy K

The young budding scientist was thrilled with her gift! Thanks!


Got these for my son’s birthday. He’s 6 and wants to be a scientist. They are well made. Labeled, and easy to view (with a decent scope). He loves them!

Amazon Customer

My granddaughter really loved looking at these slides. They were good quality.

Cynthia L. Mitchell

These slides are perfect for students who are bored with the typical slides that come with microscopes. These slides contain samples the kids can pronounce and want to look at. We homeschool, so we have several sets of My First Lab Slide sets. They compliment our science curriculum, and my children continue to view the slides without prompting.

Teacher Mom