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Prepared Slides (2box Set, Plastic 72 On 24pcs)


Looking for a substantial set of samples? Are other slide kits just too small or lacking in variety? My First Lab answers those troubles and is proud to present our set of 72 specimens. This kit is perfect for educators, at-home learners, and hobbyists who want more than just a few grouped prepared slides. This kit comes in a two-box set, with three samples across 24 slides for hours of comparison and study. The variety of specimens ranges from algae, fibers, hair, building materials, features, leaves, pollen, powders, and much more. The slides are made with shatterproof plastic and are great for use with other My First Lab products like the Duo Scope.

  • Slide dimensions: 3 X 1 X 1 MM
  • Box material: plastic

Customer Reviews

These are great little slides for kids. Sturdy plastic with lots of different things to look at.

Amazon Customer

Purchased as an add-on for a 9th birthday gift, and it was a big hit. “Cool! Gross! Disgusting! and Can I see?” were just some of the comments. This is a great way for someone new to using a microscope to practice looking at slides.

Jay Doe

The item arrived in perfect condition. I really enjoyed viewing these slides with my grandchildren. They were amazed to say the least. This is a high quality product with beautifully detailed mounting. I am very happy with this item and the price was right. I highly recommend this vendor.

Ron A

The slides are easy to handle by an eight and ten year old. Highly recommend for curious minds.

Amazon Customer

Excellent first starting collection for my 8 year old budding scientist!

Amazon Customer

Purchased these to use with the microscope that we gave to our grandson for Christmas. He was thrilled looking at the slides.

Amazon Customer

A large variety of slides! I was impressed!

Amazon Customer

These slides are perfect for a beginning child. No worries about dropping and breaking a slide.

Amazon Customer

Phenomenal! This set is the ultimate in deals! Prepared slides can be pricey, depending on the samples and manufacturer. This set includes an amazing 72 specimens! This is just about the same price as buying a 4 slide set that has 3 specimens per slide. The diversity of the specimens are wonderful. Just because it’s geared for kids doesn’t mean it’s boring. This slide set is REALLY awesome! I’d recommend this in a heartbeat!

Amazon Customer