Microscope Accessory Kit

Want to learn how to prepare your own sample slides? The My First Lab Microscope Accessory Kit has everything you need to do just that! Carefully place samples on the slides using the forceps or plastic pipet, then once you’re done observing, store your slides safely in the plastic storage box. Additionally, our kit includes helpful directions for preparing your samples for viewing. This kit is a great addition to any microscope kit.

Accessories Kit

1. Directions and Helpful Hints For Preparing Slides

2. 12 Blank Slides

3. Concavity (well) Slides

4. Plastic Transfer Pipet

5. Plastic Forceps

6. Plastic Storage Box to Hold 25 Slides

7. Cover Glass

Customer Reviews

This came in very handy for my daughter’s science experiment. It had everything she needed.

Amber B.

I bought these for my niece’s birthday. It, along with a microscope, was the hit present of the day.

Wayne Kuban

This is a kit that my grandson wanted for his birthday. I must say he’s extremely happy with the kit.

Amazon Customer

Neatly packed and nice sample of items to get started.

Amazon Customer

Excellent addition to the stereoscope we bought for our twelve year old.

Amazon Customer

I bought this to start off with my first legit microscope. Easy to use if you are a beginner like me.

Isabela C.