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Creepy Crawlies 5pc Slide Set


Do you dare to look at these Creepy Crawlies up close? In this set of prepared slides, see what an earthworm and planaria look like under magnification. Or slide an ant or mosquito leg in and analyze their unique features. Our sets of prepared slides help investigators explore a variety of science fields and pair well with any microscope set.

  • 5 slides
  • Slide dimensions: 3 X 1 X 1 MM

Customer Reviews

I was very impressed with these prepared slides because when my daughter wanted to see her first images under her microscope that she got for Christmas, we just opened up the package and there they were. Very clear and easily recognizable.

Mama Nikki

My little scientist loves these. Great for kids.

BC Jones

My son has wanted a microscope for years. He finally got one for Christmas this year, and we added the Creepy Crawlies slide set so he would have something to look at. He loves it, and has studied the slides over and over again. I highly recommend this product for any kids who are science buffs.

R. Pineiro

The slides were purchased for my soon to be 7 year old grandson who asked for a microscope. His grandmother, a physician, left us her microscope and we gladly mailed it to our grandson. His Mom has her PhD in Biology and I was told the slides were a big hit and a wonderful learning tool for a new scientist.