A Teacher’s Guide To Science Products

A Teacher’s Guide To Science Products

A Teacher’s Guide To Science Products

STEM tools are an excellent way to reinforce new skills and concepts. Hands-on experiences, such as project-based learning (PBL), help students engage more with the material they learn, which helps them retain information and improve their test scores. However, outfitting a lab can prove an intimidating task. My First Lab has put together a guidebook for our STEM products and how they can assist in project-based learning.  

Microscope Bundles

Microscopes are a staple of science and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizesThey are a superb way to encourage investigationwhether in group or individual settings.  Microscope Bundles include accessories such as prepared slides, stains, forceps, swabs, or 3D specimens for Stereo Microscopes. These bundles are a fantastic way to get a jump start on a lesson or become more familiar with microscopes.  

Bundles can also be themed. For example, when teaching students about insects, the Mega Duo Scope has a set of four bug blocks. If teaching a lesson about forensics, the Whodunnit Detective Spy Scope (no longer in stock) comes with all the equipment needed to conduct investigations into fictional crime scenes.   

Parent/Teacher Tip: To learn more about the care and uses of a microscope, check out our blog post, My First Microscope Guide. 
Microscope slides with specimens for kids

These ready-made specimens come in labeled storage containers and can be operated with any compound microscope.   

Prepared Slides   

Prepared Slides are samples that come ready to view, without the process of staining and mounting, which makes them an invaluable time-saver for any classroomSome of the microscope bundles come ready with prepared slides, but other kits can be found separately.

My First Lab offers prepared slide boxes organized by difficulty level and theme. Our educational sets come equipped with samples organized by grade level so that young scientists can graduate into more difficult observationsWe also offer several sets which touch on real-world scientific fields,  such as biologybotanyentomology and mycology.   



We have briefly touched on samples under the microscope, but what about more 3D items? When it comes to direct instruction, the ability to use specimen models is extremely helpful. Disarticulated animal bones can be useful for teaching skeletal structures and class characteristics.  Bug blocks, as mentioned above, lets students see creepy crawlies up close- without needing to worry about them breaking or scurrying away.  

Rock and mineral specimens can help encourage the interests of young geologists, and give kids access to samples that might not be available where they live.

STEM Accessories and Science Supplies   

My First Lab has items aside from major bundles and specimens that could come in handy for teaching. For example, some basic lab items like droppers, forceps, test tubes, Bunsen burners and safety goggles will keep a lab prepped for future experiments.  

Some experiments come with unique and unexpected tools, like balloons, pipe cleaners, pH paper, and rubber bands, which can all be used for construction. My First lab has a Scientist Kit which comes equipped with dozens of loose products that could be useful across experiments. Educators can find everything from thermometers to chalk, wooden sticks to Petri dishes.  

Teacher/Parent Tip: Many of the loose products could be a fun way to teach about recycling – old bottle caps, straws, popsicle sticks and string double as experiment material!  

Something for Everyone 

All of the experiments, specimens and bundles are focused on creating fun, interactive environments where science can thrive. Each lab is different and will require a variety of tools. My First Lab is dedicated to ensuring our customers find the right equipment for every experiment. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you in a timely manner. 


Want to learn more?

My First Lab has been a leader in developing STEM equipment for the past 30 years. With products ranging from microscopes and bundles to prepared slides and accessories, we are sure to have any product for the junior investigator, hobbyist or educational leader. Learn how to create some hands-on experiments through our Maximum Launch, enjoy our blog or browse our award-winning products.
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