As Covid-19 cases rise, and as it becomes critical to quarantine, the ability to provide hands-on learning for children has never been more important. However, hands-on learning does not have to be a grind or bore one to tears. Whether in a STEM program, school or learning at home, kids can explore a fun and educational kit created by My First Lab, like the Whodunnit Detective Spy Scope.

Science for kids

Dive into the world of forensic science, with five different cases that allow children to sleuth their way to the truth. This Whodunnit Detective Spy Scope includes immersive elements such as blood splatter analysis, fingerprinting, fiber analysis, and chromatography studies. Pairing educational elements with the excitement of five interactive mysteries, this kit provides hours of enjoyment and research. With a doctor’s mask included, these labs can be completed with Covid safety in mind.

The total kit includes dozens of experimental elements. The included microscope is based on our award-winning Duo-Scope and has real optical glass lenses.

Whodunnit microscope for kids

Additionally, the scope features:

  • Scope eyepiece has a 10x zoom, perfect to identify the smallest of forensic clues
  • Dual lighting, including a black light to uncover hidden evidence
  • Dual focusing knobs for precise magnification
  • 4X, 10X, 40X Objectives, to increase the power of the scope’s eyepiece
  • 40X, 100X, 400X magnification, allowing clearer and closer images

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