Student Microscope w/ LED & mechanical stage


Expanding on our designs with the Binocular Student Microscope, My First Lab created this new Student Microscope to create an even better experience for new STEM learners. It bears coveted features such as a pointer to easily reference areas of interest on a specimen. It’s easy to use controls adjust slides with precise clarity, with up to 400X magnification. Made with clear LED lighting, this model also reduces heat conduction over time, making it safe for younger students. This student microscope’s adaptable features and sleek design make it perfect for all types of educational environments, whether in a classroom or during at home learning.

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Easily Learn Science With
Our Student Microscopes

Quality Lighting

Clear LED lighting reduces heat conduction, allowing for longer observation periods.

Easy to Use

Simple, comfortable controls allow for adjustments with minimal effort.

Educational Features

Comes equipped with a scale pointer to easily reference areas of interest on a specimen.

See the Smallest of Details

The scope comes equipped with a 10X eyepiece and total magnification 4x, 10x, 40x to ensure clearer images of smaller scale samples.

Student Microscope
Student Microscope
Student Microscope

Microscope Features

Our models have all the features of a professional microscope, making them the ideal instructional aid.

Microscope with Stage for kids
10x eyepiece with real optical glass lenses
Dual focusing knobs
Mechanical stage with pointer to easier reference areas of interest on a specimen
LED lighting allows for safe usage, conducting less heat

Customer Reviews

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 14 in

6 reviews for Student Microscope w/ LED & mechanical stage

  1. A. Fashbaugh

    Works perfect to examine our goats fecal matter to determine if they have worms or cocci.

  2. Onioncreek1

    I use this microscope to perform fecal counts on livestock. Works quite well. Durable. Dependable. Intermediate resolution which is perfect for fecal counts. Moveable stage is essential.

  3. Nathan

    If you have a limited budget and need mechanical stage, this is the microscope you need. I agree with all the top reviews and will be using mine for the same purposes.

  4. jennay

    Works great. I use it with my 9th grader in conjunction with Apologia Biology and it does everything it needs too.

  5. Eric Schafer

    Solid product. If you are looking for a good microscope and do not want to spend a lot of money, this is it.

  6. Mary Roberts

    Very very nice microscope for the price, highly recommend it, has all the bells and whistles for easy operation !

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