STEM Starter Kit: Smartphone Microscope and 3D Slides

The STEM Starter Kit is a quick first look into the microscopic world. Users can convert any smart device or tablet into a microscope with the easy-to-use clip-on scope. With an LED and UV light, uncover all sorts of hidden details in the world around you! The microscope can magnify samples up to 20X and with 15 specimens on 5 prepared slides, this kit is great for encouraging science learners on the go.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 7.25 × 1.5 in

3 reviews for STEM Starter Kit: Smartphone Microscope and 3D Slides

  1. Amazon Customer

    My grandkids, 10 and 12 year-old boys carry the microscopes wherever they go. They love them! They attach the microscope to their smart phone or tablet and explore everything. It’s a way for the kids to use their screens to engage in the world rather than check out of it.

  2. Gordon M. Clark

    Microscope lens for the smart phone works great. Love it.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product we take it everywhere we go.

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