Prepared Slide Sets Intermediate Level


Our Intermediate Level prepared slides are crafted for those slightly more familiar with microscopes. Containing 25 varied samples, observers can analyze specimens like heart muscle, three types of bacteria, wings or plant anthers. This kit is perfect for educators who want a kit with more than just a few slides, or for hobbyists looking for some variety.

  • Slide dimensions: 3x1x1mm
  • Each comes with 25 capacity slide box
  • Slide box dimensions: 1 x 4 x 4 inches
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 1.25 in

4 reviews for Prepared Slide Sets Intermediate Level

  1. Mac_Cat

    Microscope prices have dropped and I mean the good classroom type, not the junky toy microscopes. A lot of kids are home schooled now and this is one of the things they need to observe professionally mounted items, properly labeled and displayed. Use this set for education and training. Later, they can also be used for testing. They are better than what I had in college biology labs.

  2. Patricia D Stone

    Grandson is learning to use his new microscope and loves these slides. He has found a new world he didnt know existed.

  3. Marlene Colburn

    Very nice slides perfect for young and old alike… My 8 year old is fascinated by these!! And I am too… Like what i used in highschool and college.

  4. ktbrew202

    Very good quality.

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