Duo Scope Starter Kit


Based on our award winning Duo Scope, our Starter kit includes a high quality mini microscope and a kit to start investigating. The Duo Scope Starter Kit has features of the professional brands, such as a proprietary lens coating to improve the clarity of specimens and maintain lens condition. This microscope can view anything through its dual lighting system, originally popularized by our Duo Scope. The bottom light helps with slide views like professional microscopes, while the top light can show off 3-Dimensional objects. Kids can take their microscope anywhere – outdoors, on vacation, or on a hiking trip – and analyze their surroundings in greater detail. In addition to the microscope, this kit comes with a Brine Shrimp Eggs experiment, 3 empty specimen vials, a magnifying glass and more! With a durable model with a long life span, the Duo Scope Starter Kit is the perfect introduction to microscopic study.

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Easily Learn Science With
Duo Scope

Ready to Go

Our bundle comes with a full accessory kit for hours of scientific research and discover.


Battery-operated scope gives the user flexibility to take the microscope for on-the-go experiments.

Two Scopes in One

Two LED lights above and below illuminate specimens from both ends, allowing the user to observe a variety of objects.

See the Smallest of Details

High-quality glass objectives provide 40-400x magnification, giving the users the ability to see fine detail.

Science Kit for Girls

Microscope Features

Our models have all the features of a professional microscope, making them the ideal instructional aid.

Microscope starter kit for kids
10x eyepiece with real optical glass lenses
Dual focusing knobs
Battery operated cordless model fits 3AA batteries (not included)
Bottom and top LED lighting
4x, 10x, 40x objectives with 40x, 100x, and 400x professional viewing quality


Get started experimenting right out of the box! Our bundles come with supplies for observing prepared samples, or the tools to create your own.


1 Brine Shrimp Eggs Specimen Vial


1 Yeast Specimen Vial


3 Empty Specimen Vials


Graduated Cylinder


8 Blank Slides & 3 Prepared Slides




Specimen Slicer


8 Slide Labels & 8 Cover Slips


Plastic Transfer Pipet


Magnifying Glass


Plastic Forceps


Experiment Guide (Not Pictured)

Microscope kit for kids
Brine shrimp eggs specimen vial
Yeast specimen vial
3 Empty specimen vials
Graduated cylinder
8 Blank slides & 3 prepared slides
Specimen slicer
8 Slide labels & 8 cover slips
Plastic transfer pipet
Magnifying glass
Plastic forceps

Customer Reviews

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 12 in

10 reviews for Duo Scope Starter Kit

  1. Amazon Customer

    This was a gift for my 8 1/2 year old, and she loves it. She is constantly bringing stuff inside to look at in her microscope. It took her about an hour to get the hang of which magnification and light to use, and how to play with it to find the best view. She’s a pro now after just a few days. It seems hardy. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Even though it is for children, it is definitely a “real” microscope.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is amazing microscope for beginners, specially kids. I’m microbiologist and always works with professional microscopes and I saw others microscopes for kids and the quality of image was very disappointed. This microscope was surprising me, because the ocular and lens are good and the quality of image is excellent. I love to see my daughter love the science like me.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Wow, way better than expected. Yes this is a light plastic microscope, but the optics are far better than you would expect. It also comes with specimen jars and sample collection tools, slides and slide processing tools, all plastic of course but a perfect for a child to use. My son is 7, and choosing this over video games and TV?!! The kit also comes with a project and a few specimen slides aside from the blank ones. All around a very complete kit.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is a GREAT little microscope. I was a little hesitant to buy it because it was so cheap. I wasn’t expecting it to be much but it’s wonderful. I got it as a present for my twin 8 year olds and they can’t get enough of it. Super easy to use, lightweight, and educational. I also ordered some of the My First Lab slides to go with it and they are great too!

  5. Amazon Customer

    My 9yr old granddaughter was completely enthralled with this gift. I bought the extra slides to go with it. When I called Christmas morning she was busy with this and didn’t even play with her other toys she got. Now she has looked at all the slides, so I’m giving her ideas of other things she can put on the blank slides. Very educational.

  6. Matthew House

    Five stars again and again… this microscope blew my mind. I was expecting a toy, which i mean it is right? But for a “toy” it really does magnify 40x and clearly too! For the price, this is a great deal. Me and my daughter are going to dig up some garden soil and pond water to see what we find. Great for teaching kids about biology.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is a Christmas present for my 7 year old grandson, and it appears to be a great little first microscope that he will enjoy. It is well packaged to protect the items and has an easy to understand manual. In addition to the brine shrimp and yeast to observe the manual includes other suggestions for observation.

  8. Amazon Customer

    My little 6-year-old was dying to get a microscope. I was unsure about this, but all of the reviews were so positive that we went for it. For his Kindergarten curiosity, it’s perfect! Even my older girls enjoy viewing bugs’ wings, flowers, coins, etc. Love the above or under lighting option. Pretty awesome for a first-time scope.

  9. Odilbek Yusupov

    My niece is very obsessed with microscope. She loves it and in fact it is a great product for the young students who want to pursue their career in the labs. The quality and the packaging is simply perfect.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this for my 6 year old niece, and she loves it! It’s simple and functional and a perfect introduction to microscopy. She enjoys learning about how things can look radically different under the microscope vs her own eyes.

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