Bat Skeleton

Each of our skeletons are made of real animal bones that have been carefully cleaned and treated for display. We offer a variety of specimens ranging from fish to bats to different types of birds. Naturally posed and articulated specimens are available, as well as unmounted or disarticulated versions. These displays can serve as excellent teaching tools or unique decorations.

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6 reviews for Bat Skeleton

  1. Mr. One-Two

    I bought this for my girlfriend who very much marches to a beat only she can hear. It was for her birthday, but it arrived way before its ETA and I was too excited to wait. When I handed her the box, the normal gift giving anxiety kicked in. I know she LOVES bats. I know she LOVES “odd” things, but the anxiety was there anyway. Then she opened it. I’ve never seen her more excited, more happy than that afternoon. The skeleton is so beautifully reconstructed and secured. The detail of the skull alone is mind blowing. And I can’t finish this w/o mentioning the acrylic display case it comes in. It just makes it all the more beautiful and shows the specimen in all its splendor.

  2. Tobias Stromvall

    The skeleton is carefully mounted in a nice and sturdy display box. You can easily open the plexi glass top and that can be disastrous for the fragile sample with small curious kids in the house so I’ll try locking it down. The display survived both Amazon shipping and a trans Atlantic flight in a checked bag without shaking apart. Really good sized piece for a small museum.

  3. Fitz

    Purchased this for a relative in college. She loved it. High quality and packaged very well. A nice specimen for a collector.

  4. Alyssa Padilla

    I bought this for a friend and it looked exactly as shown in the photos, I for some reason thought the skeleton was is resin but it’s just in a case which I actually liked better. It also comes with a bone diagram. Great gift!

  5. KR Kingston

    This was a gift to my grandson. Wow, what a hit. The quality is really nice. Everyone crowded around to look at it and marveled at how meticulously prepared and mounted the skeleton is. I would buy this for any adult.

  6. Jeff Chapman

    Great Product!

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