Keeping your kids attentive during school doesn’t have to be stressful! Are your kids glued to their iPad or phone most of the day and struggle to stay focused in class? If so, we have some fun activities you can try to help get your kid’s attention span back on track.

Make Reading Fun 

One difficulty in keeping kids’ attention spans on track is the widespread consumption of quick short form reading material on the internet. You can strive to make reading more fun for your kids by offering challenges where they can win prizes for successfully reading and understanding a book. Another way to make reading more exciting for your kids is by taking them to your local library to peruse the book sections and see what they like. Reading is a great way to increase kids’ attention span because it forces them to focus on long-form uninterrupted content. Reading is excellent for improving attention span because it does not have to be subject-specific! Reading can help kids get more interested in both STEM and the humanities. Reading is also a great hobby that keeps kids from being excessively absorbed by the internet.

Make Learning Interactive 

Sometimes learning can be a drag when it doesn’t seem to have many real-world applications. You can combat this by getting your kids toys and learning aids that allow them to see real-world applications of science concepts. One great way you can do this is by trying learning aides like our Smartphone Inspector or WOW Scope with your kids. These toys are perfect for allowing kids to see real-world applications of science. Seeing actual applications can give kids an incentive to learn, and these incentives can help provide kids the motivation they need to stay on track and interested.

Make Connections  

Even if attention-spam zapping prank videos on YouTube transfix your kid, you can make learning fun by connecting it to their interests. For example, if your kids love videos of Minecraft building creation, you can teach them about the engineering concepts that make it possible for structures to exist. Even as an adult, it’s much easier to focus on something if it relates to something that draws your interest!

Show Kids they Can Do It 

Sometimes attention spans wane from the fear and embarrassment of potentially being wrong. It’s always great to encourage kids to focus on the positives even when seriously struggling with a subject. Additionally, how a child is introduced to a topic can make a positive difference in their later ability to focus or interest in said subject. One of our scopes that is great for introductory purposes is our Duo Scope Starter Kit.

Help Kids Focus

Sometimes the best way to help kids focus is by eliminating distractions. Try having them take a break from their iPad or iPhone and focus on something else for an uninterrupted period. A break could be as simple as replacing an hour of television with an hour of reading. You can also try adding something to technology-based STEM toys to improve learnability. One toy you can try is our Smartphone Inspector, which lets kids investigate the world around them while using their phones.

Helping your kids stay attentive can give kids the edge they need when it comes to succeeding at school. Attentiveness affects learning processing, memory, and retention. Using some of these tips and tricks to help your kid will give them the focus they need to improve at school! Our products at My First Lab are perfect for making your kid’s learning experience more fun.

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