Are your kids interested in becoming a doctor? If so, it’s never too soon to teach them about biomedicine. Biomedicine is the branch of medicine concerned with applying biology and biological chemistry to the practice of medicine. It’s a complicated subject, but My First Lab has some great ways you can simplify this concept for your kids!

Explain How Medicine Works

The next time your child is sick, try explaining how medicine works! Medicine is developed synthetically with chemical compounds that should prevent or stop certain conditions from messaging the nerve synapses, or sometimes it can remove the virus or offending material from the body entirely. You can explain that medicine is used to respond to the different parts of the body and that the biological features of the body react to the treatment and allow the body to get well.

Explain What Researchers Do

You can explain that researchers help make medicine! This conversation can start by teaching your kids how microscopes work. If you would like to show them an example, you can use our Duo Scope Starter Kit to explain the basic concepts of a microscope. You can show your kids or students how microscopes change how light enters the eye by using a convex lens, which bends each side of the lens outwards. You can show images to explain how researchers examine the cells of the body to determine if the body has a disease or virus! You can also check out our blog on DNA to find fun ways to teach your kids about that element of biomedicine.

Show them Careers in Biomedicine

There are so many careers that can relate to biomedicine. These careers include but are not limited to medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary medicine! You can link your kids’ natural interests to biomedicine or a potential biomedical career. Bioengineering is another excellent field to show your kids. The study of bioengineering is used to help make artificial limbs, conduct MRIs, and create pacemakers. Bioengineers help create physical therapy equipment that doctors can use to help individuals recover from accidents. You can show your kids some basic concepts about how machines like pacemakers work. You can explain how pacemakers send electrical impulses through the heart to compel it to pulse correctly. Bioengineers can even create tissues! Tissue engineering is an emerging field wherein research doctors can help repair organ and severe tissue damage. There is an emerging field for neural prosthetics, which use neural responses from the brain to create movement.

Biomedicine is a broad subject, but getting your kids interested in biomedicine can introduce them to a fantastic world of potential careers in STEM. Try introducing these concepts to your kids to see if they may be interested later in life in one of the many exciting careers related to biomedicine. You can also check out our unique products at My First Lab to get your kids interested in research.

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