WOW Scope 


View 3D objects with our stereo microscope! Unlike a regular compound microscope, the WOW Scope can view specimens up to 50Xs to bring out the smallest of details with both top and bottom lighting! Its lightweight material makes this the perfect portable microscope, allowing explorers to investigate anywhere with five specimens included for on-the-go adventure! 

Microscope Features:

1. 10X eyepiece with real optical glass lenses. 20X and 50X magnification.

2. Dual focusing knobs.

3. Top and bottom dual-LED illumination.

4. Durable metal stage perfect for 3D objects.

5. Battery operated cordless model fits 3AA batteries (not included).

Accessories Kit:

1. 2 25X eyepieces

2. 2 prepared slides, 5 total specimens

3. Plastic Slide Case

4. Experiment guide (not pictured)

Easily Learn Science

5 Ready to View Specimens

Our kit comes with five samples spread over two slides and a secure carrying case to hold them.


Battery-operated scope gives the user flexibility to take the microscope for on-the-go experiments.

3D Ready

The adjustable binocular objectives makes viewing 3D objects and specimens easy.

See the Smallest of Details

High-quality glass objectives provide a crystal-clear viewing experience.